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In times of ubiquitous automation and digitization, sellers must keep up with the fast-paced world. New statistics show that advertisers pay less and less attention, because what matters is their time and convenience. Shopping for the user must be comfortable and simple, otherwise the potential customer will go elsewhere and chose the competition's offer. The Where-To-Buy tool offered by 100shoppers.com was created to make the purchase path much easier. How? The widget is implemented on the product page as an aid to the user. It shows a list of online stores where a given product is available, and often also in what quantity and options, e.g. color. So, instead of looking for a store on their own, the customer is automatically redirected to a page where they can complete the purchase.

This solution is also an advanced analytical tool that allows you to optimize the purchasing path and the entire marketing campaign. Thanks to its use on the website, it is possible to obtain important data about user behavior.


Where to buy


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